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Fortify Health - Live with Vitality


Clear and Focused - Experience Synergy


Energetic and Healthy - Keys to a Vibrant Life


The Body of Light line of products were specially developed to give incredible benefits to the body as well as stimulate the electromagnetic field, meridian lines and acupressure points.


Live Well:
Balance Your Being

Awaken | Recover

Balance works as an appetite suppressant, helps with weight-loss, aids digestion, increases serotonin, improves general mood, boosts natural immunities, prolongs the REM cycle, relieves headaches, strengthens skin, teeth, bones, and so much more. With all of these highly-beneficial qualities, it’s no wonder it is one of our most popular Programs.

Balance combines Awaken and Recover for the ultimate wake-up call. It prepares your body for the life-changing feats you are about to accomplish through the application of our total wellness philosophy.

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Fortify Health:
Live with Vitality

Recover | Mobility

Vitality is the premier Program for your body’s maintenance. Reach beyond your physical limits with Vitality as it works to reduce inflammation and improve your body’s health on many levels. Upgrade to the Vitality program and we know you will feel great! Your body will thank you.

Vitality combines Awaken and Mobility to work in unison to create a healthy and functioning body that will allow you to focus on your goals. The benefits are profound, Vitality reduces inflammation, increases your energy levels, and helps your internal ecosystem work as it should. Increase your performance and boost your energy with Vitality.

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Experience Synergy

Awaken | Acuity

The Synergy Program has been formulated with your mental and emotional health in mind. Synergy is the ultimate Program for those who wish to get the most out of each and every day. Say goodbye to fatigue and distraction and hello to a clear and focused mind with Synergy!

Synergy is brain food. It guides you to a harmonious, and clear state of focused activity. Acuity is the premier product for increasing levels of awareness. Enjoy heightened levels of focus and clarity. The Synergy Program will fortify your mind and leave you feeling clear-headed and able to concentrate. Try Synergy today! You’re not in the clear until you know Synergy.

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Energetic and Healthy:
Keys to a Vibrant Life

Ignite EFC | Mobility

Regain the feeling of youth, elevate your health, and increase your energy. Vibrancy is essential to the maintenance of your well-being when experiencing a lack of energy or poor range of movement.

Whether your body has truly aged or just feels that way, Vibrancy is the complete care-package for you. With a powerful combination of Ignite EFC and Mobility, Vibrancy springboards your health to incredible vitality. Ignite EFC provides lasting, no-crash energy while Mobility gives your joints what they need to reduce inflammation and improve your athletic ability.

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Body of Light Line of Products

Acupoint and meridian | Deep muscle and energy

The Magnify program and the Body of Light line of products were specially developed to give incredible benefits to the body as well as stimulate the electromagnetic field, meridian lines and acupressure points. These formulas are powerful, aiding your ability to achieve deep relaxation while greatly increasing your energetic and cellular awareness. Combined with meditation techniques you will quicken the field.

Magnify was developed to increase the health and brilliance of both your physical and energy bodies which, at the quantum level, are the same. Magnify will allow you to experience the meridians, acupressure points and your entire energy body while greatly aiding in your wellness plan.

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Life Force and Energy Psychology
– The Photonic Method


Enhance Your Mind, Transform Your Body Discover what you need to know to completely transform your lifestyle and become the happy, vibrant, and successful person you want to be.

Develop deep knowledge and receive effective trainings from experts in the industry on how to manage your physical health through nutrition and develop a powerful, positive mindset that will allow you to achieve great success in an area of your life.

Get instant access to the Vio-Shift programs with any purchase of a Vivacity product!

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Established on principles rarely found in today’s industry, Vivacity is dedicated to bringing all aspects together for experiencing the vital essence of an inspired life. We offer opportunities for incredible change in body and mind, so you can live a life full of vitality, inspiration, and health. We are spreading our message of vibrancy and wellness to every corner of the globe. This revolution in self-transformation has gone viral!

There is no limit to your personal growth. The heartbeat of our company rests on setting the highest standards of quality and we encourage you to do the same. People are drawn to Vivacity because we help you enhance essential relationships while experiencing stunning transformations of body and mind. We help you become who you’ve always wanted to be.

Our exclusive products boast all-natural ingredients and are approved by our team of exceptionally qualified health-industry professionals. But we didn’t stop at the products.

We created a total wellness philosophy with you in mind!

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