A BETTER Way to Stretch!

19th Mar, 2018

Resistance Flexibility and Stretch Training (RFST) There is a new way to Stretch that many people have not seen. Resistance Flexibility and Stretch Training (RFST). In 1978 Bob Cooley discovered (RFST) training after getting struck by an automobile traveling at over 70 mph. In his his attempt to rehabilitate he realized muscles stretch only when they contract when lengthening. Muscles do not str...

Yoga Anyone??

29th Jan, 2018

Yoga Anyone?? 6 Incredible fruits to eat before class: Apples-They hydrate which will really help you! They are also a great source of vitamin C, and contain fiber, which can ...

Core Exercises - Bird Dogs

5th Dec, 2017

Bird Dog This is an excellent exercise for improving core stability because it hits multiple functions at once. The Bird Dog works both anti-extension and anti-rotation, impr...

Core Exercises - Shoulder Taps

28th Nov, 2017

These exercises are simple, effective, and can be done at home or the gym. Your abs need to be strong in all of their functions, and anti-rotation is no exception. Set up in a "high plank" position...

Core Exercises - Dead Bugs

25th Nov, 2017

Dead Bugs This is another excellent core strength and trunk stabilizing exercise. Not only do Dead Bugs improve core conditioning, they also help build stability in the hips and trunk. They buil...

Core Exercises - Clam Shells

20th Nov, 2017

The strongest muscles on your body is your gluteus maximus muscles — that’s your butt. When they’re working they way they should, they’re a powerhouse team that help stabi...

Core Workouts - Tummy Vacuums

13th Nov, 2017

We can't all afford the time and expense of a gym membership, or a home gym. These 5 exercises have been identified as some of the best exercises that a normal person like us can do with a minimum of ...

Fitness Level - A Deck of Cards

10th Nov, 2017

A Deck of Cards Workout for Normal People There are extreme exercise programs that will either get you into the best shape of your life, or put you in the hospital in a very short amount of time. If ...

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