Product and Science Review with
Dr. Michael Marino

Third Monday of every Month at 8:00 PM EST

Every Month our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michael Marino, gives a very valuable webinar training on the products and science behind our incredible ingredients that make them up. He gives an in-depth review of the power of our premium top quality and potent formulas. By becoming a promoter with Vivacity or enjoying our products as a customer you can rest assured the quality you experience is second to none. You are going to want to be on this webinar!

New Promoter On-boarding call

Sunday & Wednesday 8:00 PM EST

We are so excited to have you coming on board with Vivacity! This call is where you can learn all the most important basics for getting started and ask all the questions you may have. We want this to be a very successful experience for you and your team so get ready!

Vivacity Leadership Call

Saturday, 11:00 AM EST

Ultimate Promoter Training Intensive


These training's are vital to helping you and your team succeed with Vivacity. They are different every week and we will send out information on the subject at the beginning of each week so you can share that with your team.


Second Monday of every Month at 8:00 PM EST

Every month we get on with our team and talk to them about the future developments going in with our company! There is always something new to discuss and the excitement just continues to build week after week!

Talking Life Force and Consciousness

Mondays 7:00 PM EST

Beto Paredes and Doctor Mike Marino go live of Facebook every Monday evening at 8:00PM Eastern 5:00PM Pacific. Make sure you have either friended or are following Beto an Mike on Facebook to be informed of when they go live! Mike Marino on FACEBOOK Betocparedes on FACEBOOK *Broadcasts start Monday March 5th 2018

Photonic Method Training on FACEBOOK LIVE

Wednesday 10:00AM EST

Beto Paredes and guests go live on Facebook every week giving a new Photonic Method training! This is a great way to get introduced to Photonics and to add some incredible insight to your daily practice. Wednesday mornings at 10:00AM Eastern 7:00AM Pacific Make sure you have either friended or are following Beto on Facebook to be informed on when he goes live! Betocparedes on FACEBOOK *Broadcasts start Wednesday March 7th 2018

Let's Get Your Promoter Position rocking

Wednesdays 7:00 PM EST

Welcome to the "Future Presidents" team here with Vivacity! New promoters that come into the company are defaulted to the Mary Hagen's and Beto Paredes's incredible organization. Please join us for our weekly team meeting and let’s make this a lucrative successful venture together!

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