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Photonic Method

The Power of You

Life Force and Energy Psychology
The Photonic Method

The Story behind the incredible Photonic Method

Photonic Method Basics – Connecting to the Field

Come sign up for the Energy Psychology and Photonic Method workshops!

We offer these workshops on Thursdays and they are packed full of great information, audience engagement and participation. Each of the workshops are given over a 3-week period and are a full 6 hours of incredible training and insights. Promoters bring your teams, customers add greatly to your Vivacity product experience and visitors you are welcome!

These workshops are powerful and best of all they are free!

The purpose of this program is to achieve total body and mind health and wellness.

To achieve this you need to understand the powerful connection your mind and body have. You cannot have a completely healthy body without a healthy mind. Likewise, you cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body..

VioPhotonics is rooted in the knowledge that your health is affected by your thoughts and that by changing your perspective and developing a deep sense of awareness of this connection, you can manifest health throughout your body and create the mindset to achieve all your goals in life. Belief is the first step to achieve success in the VioPhotonics Program. You first need to understand, become aware, and develop a belief about the powerful connection between the state of your mind and your physical health. This connection is scientifically grounded and has been taught in Eastern medicine for thousands of years.

Through our studies of experts and scientists in the field

we have found a direct correlation of the science of bio-photons and the body’s electromagnetic field and the ancient Eastern belief of Qi.

The VioPhotonics Program’s very foundation is the belief that the relatively new science of Biophotonics has discovered the source of coherent life energy. We believe that this new science explains what the Eastern philosophy of Qi has said all along: Every change in our state of health is reflected in numerous electrical and biochemical changes that occur throughout the body. Although we cannot say that any particular compound is Qi, scientists in both China and the West have noted that certain bio-chemicals behave like Qi.

So what is Qi?

Qi is energy in the very broadest sense possible. Qi is universal.

Qi embraces all manifestations of energy, from the most material aspects of energy (like the earth beneath your feet, your phone, or your blood and bones) to the most immaterial aspects (light, movement, heat, nerve impulses, thought, and emotion). Qi is the energy that connects us all.

The word Qi means “life energy” in Chinese. According to Chinese medicine, it is the animating, life-giving force that flows through all things. Anything living has Qi and anything dead does not. A healthy individual will have more Qi than someone that is ill, but that is not to say that health is just an abundance of Qi. To have health is to have clean and free-flowing Qi, rather than Qi that is polluted with negativity, blocked, or stagnant.

Per Chinese Medicine Classics, life is the gathering of Qi. A healthy and happy human being is a dynamic yet harmonious mixture of all the aspects of Qi that makes up who we are. When you are connected to your Qi you have engaged in the full force of your performing ability. In this State you can create immense health within your body and harness your inner power to become a peak performer and achieve your goals. Balanced and free-flowing Qi is the very definition of health. In VioPhotonics we will teach you a whole-health system with actionable steps to achieve balanced and free-flowing Qi.

The VioPhotonics Program has been developed to help you become healthy in both body and mind – we believe that this is the key to taking massive action in your life and operate at the level you truly want.

Bio-Photonics and the Electromagnetic Field

At the very cellular level of a living organism, there are millions to billions cell divisions every day and with each cellular divide, a tiny spark of light is emitted. This spark, which is much too dim to see with the naked human eye, is referred to as a bio-photonic emission. All living organisms literally glow because of this phenomenon. Scientists have studied this bioluminescence since Alexander Gurvich first reported it in 1959. These energy emissions are happening all the time because of normal metabolic processes within the organism. The most popular Biophoton research was conducted by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp who discovered that these biophotons are emitted from a coherent, or organized, electromagnetic field that permeates living tissue.

Biophoton emissions can be a source of important information about an organism’s status.

When muscle or nerves are activated, the intensity of biophoton emission increases. Biophoton emissions have also been measured radiating from the internal organs. We are not only beings of matter, but we are beings of energy. Qi is what modern scientists might describe as the body’s electromagnetic energy field. Every living thing has an electromagnetic field which contains biophotonic light. Most importantly, this electromagnetic field carries the current of healing, if you know how to connect to it.

Qi is most evidenced through its relativity to the electromagnetic field.

As you cultivate Qi, some of the most powerful healing effects are due to the body’s electromagnetic energy. Everything is connected and just as a healthy body creates healthy energy, so does a healthy electromagnetic field – or Qi – creates a healthy body. Physical changes are programmed by the electrical messages that pass through the nervous system from your thoughts and environmental signals.

An orthopedic surgeon and researcher, Robert Becker, MD, demonstrated that the nerve sheaths carry a direct current of electricity which prompts the body to grow, heal, regenerate, and repair itself. Any change in health is accompanied by changes in the body’s electromagnetic field surrounding the body and locally at the site of the injury or repair. The strength and delivery of electric signals through the electromagnetic field determines how and if we heal. You can induce self-healing by connecting to your electromagnetic field, connecting to Qi. We will learn more about this amazing, innate ability in Phase 3 of the VioPhotonics program.

What modern science shows us through the study of the bio-electromagnetic field and biophotons,

is that the 100,000 chemical reactions that happen per second throughout the body are captured within this light, within this biophotonic field.

This amazing discovery has shown that this light within us is coherent – it is responsible for the communication and organization of all the chemical and cellular reactions throughout the body. every single interaction throughout our body, including our thoughts, is held as informational energy in this “light body”.

Qi is this light energy. As you begin to more fully understand this you can see that the old paradigm that holds psychology separate from biology is untrue. Once you are aware of the mind-body connection you can strengthen it and harness this innate power. We will show you how to do this. We believe that the answer to activating your inner power and becoming a high-performer to achieve all your goals can be done by connecting toQi.

Connecting to the Field

For your whole existence, according to Chinese tradition, you always have been, are now, and always will be infused with the essential unifying feature of the universe – the Qi. It is never not present; you are swimming in it. It bathes you, internally and externally, constantly fueling, cleansing, healing, rejuvenating, and enlightening you. Cultivating Qi, or connecting to the field, is like enlisting a powerful army to accomplish anything you want to.

Connecting to the field is accessing and circulating natural healing resources that put you in a State that allows you to become a high performer to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Qi is this power inside of you that is a limitless source of positive energy that can create a State of happiness, peace, and ultimate accomplishment. As you practice and move through the VioPhotonics program, you will become more capable of accessing, utilizing, and managing your Qi.

It is time to Turn in, and Power Up! Imagine never being exhausted or never again feeling helpless, powerless, or like you want to give up. Imagine being constantly in a state where you feel confident, powerful, and happy. A state where you know you can accomplish anything – you don’t just hope you can, you know.

You have goals that you crave to achieve even though they seem impossible now, but there is a way you can succeed at anything you want to. It is available to all of us equally, if you know the way to cultivate this potential within you. You need to draw on an essential and infinite force that will allow you to be in your proper, natural state without all the negative distractions of everyday life.

When you align yourself, your mindset, your intention, your drive and ambition, with the natural energy of life, Qi, you become unstoppable. You are unstoppable because the entire universe aligns with you and helps you to accomplish all that you want. But you must connect and activate your Qi first. You can turn inside yourself to connect with your Qi, to activate it, and power up to become a high performer.

Experience the Field and soon you will experience the Shift. You will shift into a lifestyle that enables you to be your true self and live your purpose.You will become the person you want to be. It’s time to Turn In and Power Up!

Access Your Qi

Cultivating Qi will make you more vital, magnetic, and productive. Ample and harmonious Qi enhances brain power and clarity of thought, which nourishes the capacity to learn new things and pursue intentions and goals. People with ample energy create opportunities and innovation. Harmonious Qi will make you more resilient to stress and less vulnerable to negative situations while boosting your drive and passion.

With healthy and vital Qi, you will have the stamina and clarity to purify and release the emotions that perpetuate stress and sabotage productivity. In relationships, you will become a more dynamic, more empowered, and less dependent partner. You can learn to access the universal source of energy rather than depending on someone else to be your source.

There are a number of useful practices to help you access your Qi. The very first thing you need to do to access it is to acknowledge its existence. Know that it is there and know that it is an amazing source of power for you. As you go through the following exercises, concentrate on how you are feeling as you perform them with the intent of accessing your Qi. These small changes made in your life will have powerful repercussions.

The action of accessing and cultivating your Qi is called Qigong. Qigong is a holistic system of self-healing posture, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques, and meditation. It is a science because it includes the testing and investigation of healing techniques through centuries of trial and error and careful observation.Understand Qi. Access Qi. Cultivate Qi. Master Qi. It is the essential fuel behind all intention and action.

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