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The Shift

We are living in the most incredible time.

A time when the borders of our countries, scientific disciplines, religions, and even the very bounds of our consciousness are beginning to converge.

When you listen through the noise of the news, apparent decline in political relations and over stimulating media there is something else there. Something subtle and delicate but of such incredible power. So much that it stills the mind in a moment of realization.

The world is waking up to a new view of science, psychology, medicine and health. You hear many talk about it, even shown to us in clear view with the invention of the internet, leaping progress in medicine plus the advances in science and technology. The world is gathering together like no other time in existence and the many voices are beginning to ring together in unison. Even crying out together for the change at hand for a better world. One without prejudice, fear, hopelessness and poverty.

Engage with us in the new lifestyle of consciousness. This is something that all of us at Vivacity have witnessed and continue to experience. A truth both scientific and spiritual, beyond creed and the cultural differences we all have.

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Life Force and Energy Psychology -
The Photonic Method

Vivacity has developed a program that combines energy healing and high-performance methods into a new powerful system – The Photonic Method.

VioPhotonics is rooted in the knowledge that your health is affected by your thoughts and that by changing your perspective and developing a deep sense of awareness of this connection, you can manifest health throughout your body and create the mindset to achieve all your goals in life. Belief is the first step to achieve success in the VioPhotonics Program. You first need to understand, become aware, and develop a belief about the powerful connection between the state of your mind and your physical health. This connection is scientifically grounded and has been taught in Eastern medicine for thousands of years.

The purpose of this program is to achieve total body and mind health and wellness. To achieve this you need to understand the powerful connection your mind and body have. You cannot have a completely healthy body without a healthy mind. Likewise, you cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body.

Through our studies of experts and scientists in the field, we have found a direct correlation of the science of bio-photons and the body’s electromagnetic field and the ancient Eastern belief of Qi. The VioPhotonics Program’s very foundation is the belief that the relatively new science of Biophotonics has discovered the source of coherent life energy. We believe that this new science explains what the Eastern philosophy of Qi has said all along: Every change in our state of health is reflected in numerous electrical and biochemical changes that occur throughout the body. Although we cannot say that any particular compound is Qi, scientists in both China and the West have noted that certain bio-chemicals behave like Qi.

With Vivacity’s Photonic Method you will discover:

The Photonic Method is the leading edge of scientific research which opens up a new creative realm, in which the intangible energy of our thoughts and emotions affects the tangible physical universe itself. Each new discovery is another indication of how important consciousness is for healing. We are learning to see our cells and our bodies as malleable, influenced by every thought and feeling that flows through us. We can claim responsibility for the quality of thought and feeling we host, selecting those that radiate benevolence, goodwill, love, and kindness. Doing this, we are doing more than conscious epigenetic engineering on our bodies; we are loving the whole world back into health.

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Lifestyle Supplementation

Access the evolution in personal progress to change your life!

A healthy lifestyle lays the foundation for a healthy body, a sound mind, and a proven opportunity for success. We have formulated some of the most comprehensive products available on the market today. We have a lucrative compensation plan that allows you to determine your income to achieve success. We have brought together a team of like-minded people that all work towards the same goal – to help others reach their goals for better health, personal growth, wellness, and financial stability.

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Functionally Based Formulations For:

With Vivacity we have all-natural wellness products with scientifically proven and immediate positive-results. Each of our products are formulated to the highest effective from the highest quality ingredients we can find.

The very heartbeat of our company rides on the highest possible standards of quality!

We knew we wanted to do something different even before stepping into our lab to create our unique and highly-effective formulations.

Natural Goodness With.....

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Nutritional Eating and Exercise

Our expert team of health-professionals have developed an encouraging, 4-stage philosophy to maximize results and to minimize frustration. We understand that the transformation of personal health is a huge undertaking, and one that may be intimidating. Our goal is to challenge you, at every level, but in such a way that you are guaranteed success upon continued participation. The result of this success is an empowering “I can do it!” attitude that we know you will appreciate.

Our all-natural supplements are a wonderful way to enhance your health. However, it must be noted that supplements are only one part of Vivacity’s total wellness philosophy. We have created the ultimate nutritional program for your complete health. You need to try it! No matter how potent the ingredients, no supplement stands alone.

Nutrition is extremely important to the overall state of your wellness, health, and happiness. It can be easy for us to ignore this fact, but it’s time to stop playing hide and seek from the apples and bananas. Of course, it’s more than just a couple of pieces of fruit that are needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Vivacity provides you with the education and motivation necessary for establishing and maintaining a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

We encourage you to make complete change, while realizing true and lasting change can only happen one step at a time. You may be asking yourself:

Acquiring health, wellness, and vitality will pay great dividends for the rest of your life.

What challenges and illness are you suffering from? What would you like to change? Taking on the Vivacity lifestyle and experiencing The Shift offers you a reboot towards improving your physical and emotional wellbeing. The rewards of particip ating include: better sleep, improved mood and digestion, stress management, resolving aches and pains, significantly fewer cravings, and increased self-confidence and awareness. There is also a great possibility for improved checkups from healthcare providers, weight reduction, and an all-around trimmer, fitter you.

A major reason we place such great emphasis on mental development is because living the Vivacity lifestyle goes beyond enhancing our physical vitality. It includes maintaining a standard of high spirits. In terms of wellness psychology, one of the largest struggles people face is how they think about, react to, and view food. The result being a limited frame of reference that ignores nutritional needs.

Dr. Mike Marino, DC., Vivacity’s Chief Science Officer says,

“Food is how we survive; without it, we would perish. To maintain an optimum life force, we must choose a vital path of nutrient-dense foods to feel totally energetic, have high spirits, and live a life that provides a true means for health, longevity, and wellbeing.

A nutritional lifestyle is at the essence of the Vivacity total wellness philosophy. The right foods can nourish, heal, and correct illness and deficiencies in our bodies. A lack of nutrition can deplete and even kill us. Vivacity’s team of health experts, along with cutting-edge supplements, provide a comprehensive program for lifestyle modification, fitness, weight loss, and true, total-wellness with potential to start feeling better within one week!”

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Taking on Vivacity’s total wellness philosophy, The Shift, is the most important investment you will ever make and your personal commitment to health and wellbeing will be the key to your success. There are difficult challenges ahead, but we know you can do it!

Experience the lasting change you have been searching for.

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