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The clinical effectiveness and potency of our incredible line of premium products is ground breaking.

Not all active ingredients are the same and the difference is really something that you can feel."

Dr. Mike Marino - Chief Science Officer, Vivacity


AWAKEN-S7 provides exceptional anti-oxidant and health benefits, blood sugar stabilization, incredible mood elevating effects and feelings of sustained energy. Ingredients in AWAKEN-S7 also help with digestive issues and are used as appetite suppressants.  AWAKEN-S7 ...


Weight loss is much more based on consistent small changes that you make to your diet and supplemental intake. You want to give your body just the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a steady burn all day long. The subtle action of Awaken wi...


The ability to focus and concentrate one’s thoughts is one of the most important skills that can be learned. A focused mind blocks out distractions and can achieve great things. Unfortunately, the prevalence of attention deficit disorders is growing at an alarming rat...


RECOVER promotes a gentle detoxification and increases serotonin while your body repairs and prepares for another day. Formulated with zeolite and melatonin, RECOVER absorbs free radicals and prolongs the REM sleep cycle. Better sleep makes for a healthier mind and body. ...


MOBILITY provides a unique combination of concentrated botanicals that help to initiate the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory response. Inflammation from injury, overexertion, exercise, disease, or aging is part of daily life, but can lead to serious chronic conditi...


IGNITE EFC boosts your energy, while preventing fatigue, for razor sharp clarity throughout the day and night. The power of IGNITE EFC will improve your attention span, which automatically improves your memory and the ability to recall information. IGNITE E...

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